Baby Daddy Speaking

Alongside every hot mama there’s a stud daddy. And though our bellies don’t burst (they do inflate a bit) and our cravings aren’t as violent (still burgers and beer), we have a role in every pregnancy. As a first-time daddy-to-be, I’m riding a brand new roller coaster of uncertainty. So that’s the slant of this blog: insight, anecdotes and revelations from a naïve first-time father.

Enter me: Nils Hoeger-Lerdal, a 26 year-old preschool teacher whose world fell off its axis in July 2009 when that over-the-counter tester said yes indeed, you’re having a baby.

Did I cry? Yeah, I cried a little. Tears of which emotion I can’t quite pinpoint.

As a preschool teacher, and having spent a lot of time with infants and toddlers, I feel I have a head start on many first time fathers. I can change a diaper, am not afraid of vomit and have heard every variety of blood-curdling scream.

With that said, there’s still a massive amount of unknown, and I’ve learned at least a blog’s worth already. For example:

The factual: Once the baby comes out, guess what? The labor’s not over, and mom’s gotta keep pushin’ while you get to be the first one to hold the thing that’s been living inside HER for nine months.

The emotional: If you choose to participate in a month-long weight loss competition at work, don’t tell your wife how many pounds you lost this week. Especially if the only thing she’s been able to keep down is Carnation Instant Breakfast.

The preparatory: Instead of always passing along wild-haired girls to the female teachers, maybe it’s time to figure out how to assemble passable pigtails.

Yes, it’s a girl, and she’s coming in a matter of weeks.

Oh God.


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3 Responses to “Baby Daddy Speaking”

  1. annagrace83 Says:

    Yay Nils!! Welcome to the blog family! I love the first blog and cannot wait to hear more from a daddy’s perspective 🙂

  2. LT Says:

    NILS! I am so pumped about this blog. I will be reading religiously so keep that in mind (I know you want to impress me). Kristie has been updating me about everything; I hope to see you both very soon!

  3. Aunt Aggie Says:

    It’s great to hear you are preparing, Nils. But scratch that idea that you hold the baby first. Blanche needs to go immediately skin to skin on momma. I can show you lots of studies why this is so important to momma and baby. Later you can also do the skin to skin thing… it feels great!

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