Blanche Case Hoeger

First middle last. Blanche Case Hoeger. Since Kristie really wanted her last name to be a part of Blanche’s name, and we weren’t thrilled about the idea of mixing our last names into one new surname, we settled on Case as the middle name.

The last name, as we’ve read, was much trickier, but we compromised with Hoeger in the end. From here on out there will be many compromises I’m sure, and this was a name we both were happy with. It’s my dad’s last name, for clarification.

The deciding factors? Kristie didn’t want a hyphenated name, which I understand. She says it causes unnecessary problems at school, hospitals, airports, on applications, etc. It can be a nuisance. Trust me, having lived that life, I understand that. While I would argue my combo name became a source of pride and uniqueness, I can’t blame her for wanting Blanche to not have to deal with the confusion.

Then there are the aesthetic reasons. Blanche Hoeger (pronounced HAY-grr) sounds good (as does Blanche Lerdal (LAIR-dahl), but we tried to think further down the road than Blanche. We do want more kids, have names chosen, and Hoeger worked well with all the possibilities.

Could ‘Hoeger’ perhaps lead to more confusion? It’s possible, since Blanche’s last name will be completely different from either of ours. But whatever. Those who know her best will be family and friends, who are already aware that she came from a Hoeger-Lerdal and a Case. And people she meets in her life–friends and classmates–won’t know that her parents’ last names don’t match hers. They’ll know us as Nils and Kristie, Blanche’s super cool parents.


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One Response to “Blanche Case Hoeger”

  1. Beth Hickman Says:

    I, as well as my mother (greatgrandmother to Blanche) would love to see a picture of the sure to be beautiful child. Lucky for me I found you on google. Will send a present when picture is sent.

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