A Bedrest Valentine’s

Can’t remember if I’ve mentioned it before, but Kristie’s been on bedrest for almost four weeks now. She had been on pelvic rest, which basically means be lazy, but when the contractions became too consistent too soon, bedrest it was. What does bedrest look like exactly?

Pajamas, garbage, food, dishes, craft project remains and general disarray greet me daily when I arrive home in the evening.

So, since we aren’t allowed to go out for Valentine’s Day (which is fine by me because I’m not a fan of the holiday), we do what we’ve been doing every night for the last month: have dinner (pizza for Valentine’s) and watch a movie (a romantic comedy concession tonight). I lit a candle, too.


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One Response to “A Bedrest Valentine’s”

  1. Pete Says:

    sounds like a positively lovely valentine’s day—-under “normal” circumstances would you have done it any differently?

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