Bedrest, Be Ye Slayed!

‘Tis true. Bedrest, be gone with you! The magical verdict came down Tuesday from Dr. Block. No more couch. No more Gilmore Girls reruns. No more huge messes. No more CRAFTS!

It was an exciting day for sure. Since Tuesday, Kristie has gone just about everywhere we ever go: the Mall of America, IKEA, out for lunch (twice), Cub Foods. And I’ve felt less pressure than I have in the past two months. This is all very good, since Kristie expects the baby to come quite soon.

When I re-traced the days of bedrest, I counted 42 in total; six full weeks. This pregnancy has been full of numbers, now that I think of it, and here are some of the most odd:

This Pregnancy In Numbers

300+ Terbutaline pills. For the contractions. Done taking them.

237 days of pregnancy. Seems like forever ago we were unveiling the news, during a mid-August trip to Colorado

100+ Oreos, Zesta (must be Zesta) crackers, Reece’s Peanut Butter Cups, San Pellegrino Limonatas and Aranciatas. To name a few obsessions.

42 days of bedrest.

17 hats and headbands for Blanche. Kristie won’t let me count the winter hat or it’d be 18.

16 pairs of hand-made booties. You’ve seen pictures.

8 friends/family members who were/are  also pregnant during this pregnancy. Friends Ashley, Anna, Jill and Cousin Daneen have already had theirs. Other friends yet to deliver.

7 ultrasounds. One scary Voldemort face shot.

6 trips to Babies ‘R Us. This should be a post of its own. Don’t get me started.

5 straight Chef Boyardee ravioli lunches. No Lunchables, though.

3 winter coats, all different sizes

weekly spur-of-the-moment grocery store trips

frantic hospital trips

2 hours to put together the crib. Not to mention countless other hours installing car seats, putting together strollers and other gadgets, and figure out just how exactly these things fold and slide under the couch.

1 Nils-suggested dinner that sounded good to Kristie.

Along the way, there have also been countless irrational fears, mostly from mommy-to-be. Had I written them all down at the time, this post would take hours to read, but I do remember some of my favorites:

“What if she comes out and she doesn’t know we’re her mommy and daddy?”

“What if she never comes out?”

What if she’s an alien?”

“What boys names does Blanche convert to if the doctors are wrong?” (Since her name is plastered on her nursery wall, we’d have to make a quick switch to Neal, Lance, Ben, Blane or Ace perhaps.)


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