Awake Baby Pros and Cons

Blanche is now six weeks old, and is more awake than ever. It took her a few weeks before she really opened her eyes for any extended period of time at all. The next couple weeks we could count on her being awake during the evening, with peak hours between 7 and 9. Now, she scatters periods of awake activity throughout the day, and really likes to stay up at night. Even more, she now likes to be awake while eating in the middle of the night, as opposed to the first month, when she didn’t pause her snoozing for a bottle break.

She's Awake! Kristie is not.

Without question, having her awake more often is much more fun for me. But there are some drawbacks, which we’re still getting used to. Let’s break it all down.

Pro: She smiles! And you must admit, this girl, with her eyes open and that for-whatever-reason smile, is pretty adorable.

Con: She cries! And I must admit, this dad, with his quirky soothing ideas and that help-me tone of voice, is pretty lost.

Pro: We get to see how she reacts to different environments and baby items that, clogging our entire house, had gone virtually unused for the first month. For example: she LOVES the Baby Bjorn, tolerates tummy time on her bear blanket, and hasn’t yet bonded with the Bumbo chair.

Con: She spits out or slaps away her pacifier at random, and this is apparently the worst tragedy in the world. The problem is, she doesn’t understand that her flailing arms are the cause of this tragedy. I find myself re-plugging that thing all day.

Pros: Looking into her eyes, believing that in those brief moments where hers connect with yours that she actually is looking at you, and not just the space in front of her face. Watching her jump and twitch to scary noises. Seeing her get better every day at holding her head up or grasping with her hands. Forcing her to watch baseball. Bouncing, dancing and singing with her.

Cons: Just about nothing else! She did puke a bit last night, but I can’t necessarily blame that on being awake. I, in fact, was sleeping. It’s really not much of a contest; Awake Blanche is far superior to Asleep Blanche.


One Response to “Awake Baby Pros and Cons”

  1. Tina Says:

    I love this picture! Blanche has a beautiful smile. It’s fun to read about you becoming a Dad NIls, but I knew you’d be great.

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