Baby Time II

I’m realizing that I’ve begun to lose my sense of time. I find myself asking ‘was it last night that Blanche was up puking?’ or mistakenly telling Kristie I’d already given her a bottle that night. I’ve determined that, while I’m only up for a half an hour during the night, the toll it takes on my body is much greater. It’s not the same as waking up a half hour earlier, or going to bed a half hour later. This is much different. And it’s exponential, so by Friday I’m a thousand times more tired than I was Monday.

What dad? Me? Making you tired?

It doesn’t help that work has been increasingly tiring, with a larger class and a very pregnant co-worker. Sometimes it does feel a bit overwhelming. Waking up tired, spending nine hours watching two dozen 3-year olds, surviving rush hour traffic and coming home to a worn out mom who hasn’t had time to wash bottles or find time for herself. I try to tackle the day-to-day chores promptly, but it’s hard not to feel like I’m neglecting my wife and child a bit. Don’t get me wrong, I want nothing more than to spend time with my budding family, but there are some things that simply need to get done every day. I have a hard time putting those things out of my mind. By eight o’clock, I’m exhausted, and depending on the seriousness of the night’s tasks, incredibly hungry.

So this led Kristie and I to debate which is more tiring: taking care of a baby all day or working a full, energy-sapping day? At this point, Kristie has been able to sleep in a few hours later than I, but she sleeps much worse than I do. I wake up for big cries and shrieks, but Blanche is right next to Kristie and Kristie is so tuned in to the baby’s every move. She wakes up frequently. So I get less sleep, but it’s of much higher quality. Let’s start the scorecard.

Sleep: EVEN

I spend my day changing diapers, herding children on the playground, wiping up spilled milk, repeatedly having my patience tested, getting talked back at, changing more diapers–this is getting me worked up. My days are draining.

Kristie’s day consists of breastfeeding, trying to find time to put the baby down and shower, trying to find time to eat meals, pumping breast milk, breastfeeding, changing diapers, rocking, swaddling and snuggling. I imagine it seems like a never-ending one-thing-after-another kind of day.

Day stress: EVEN

This could be an entire post, and I risk reaching complete exhaustion a day or two early if I really expounded. It’s not worth the risk.

Both our lives are tiring at this point. We’re always catching up. It’s something we’re getting used to and likely won’t change for a while. But, being a dad is still the best thing in the world, and I don’t mind using her as Diet Coke justification.


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3 Responses to “Baby Time II”

  1. baby sleep through night Says:

    Every baby wakes in the night but some can get themselves straight back off to sleep. Because your baby needs the dummy to help him settle and go to sleep he calls for someone to bring his dummy when he wakes in the night.

  2. Nils Says:

    Point taken…?

  3. Katie May Says:

    Nilsy – Diet Coke NEVER needs justification. Feel free to drink it, and drink it often.

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