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On the Charts

May 20, 2010

Time continues to fly by, and Blanche has now been with us for over ten weeks. We made it to her two-month doctor’s visit without incident! Don’t you get a certificate or hand stamp from the doctor when you’ve kept a baby healthy that long? Or maybe that’s just what preschoolers get.

Here I am, big baby Blanche, two months old. I am 21.5 inches tall, weigh 9 pounds 7 ounces, and have a substantial buddha belly. Yes, at two months, I am still comparable to a large, but not uncommonly so, newborn.

I don’t really mind being naked, and do pretty well when the doctor pokes, prods and massages my pudgy body. I hang on tight to any finger or object that comes into contact with my tiny fingers. I will squeal a bit if you take my diaper off, but jeeze that air is cold.

I’m used to needles; My foot was pricked every day for the first week of my life, so the three injections I got at the doctor weren’t so bad. Mommy cried more than I did, but daddy was brave. And I got some yummy medicine to make me feel better. (Side note: why is baby medicine flavored? I understand flavoring children’s medicine cherry or grape, but what does a baby care? If anything, baby medicine should be packed with breast milk flavor. I think there may be a market here.)

I love to stand! Because I am such a tall girl. Dangle my legs for a bit on your lap or a table and I’ll push them out so rigidly you’ll think you might never get my knees to bend again. But this picture gives you an idea of how small I still am. Daddy can still manhandle me pretty easily. I’m in the 23rd percentile for height, the 13th for weight and the 2nd for head size. But I’m on the charts! And my doctor was very pleased with my growth.

I make lots of goofy faces these days. Sometimes it’s gas (yesterday my bottom sounded like it was brewing coffee for much of the evening), but I will react if mom does something extraordinarily hilarious. She and I aren’t yet on the same wavelengths, but boy did she think she was funny when we went to happy hour the other night. All in all I’m a very happy ten-week-old. I’m consistently sleeping for six-hour stretches at night, still love my car seat and LOVE baths. You must admit, it is a pretty good life.